Ike Eveland Shrine

Who is Ike Eveland?

Ike Eveland is a Swedish vtuber (virtual youtuber) who debuted in Nijisanji English's fourth wave Luxiem, being the first 
male group to debut in Nijisanji English. He debuted on December 20, 2021, along with his four other genmates: Vox Akuma, 
Luca Kaneshiro, Shu Yamino, and Mysta Rias. Ike Eveland is known for being Luxiem's "virtual novelist" along with signature 
line "I didn't sign up for this." In addition, Ike is known for his metal screams, which first made their appearance in Ike's 
first karaoke during the song "Aspirin." Ike's metal screams make an appearance in all but one cover. As of right now, Ike 
has made 2 original songs. "Blue Light" and "Maze", a song he did with Muryoku-P, his favorite vocaloid producer, and seven 
song covers, a few he's done with friends! Ike's oshi mark is 🖋 and his hex color is #348ec7 

    Random facts about Ike Eveland!

  • Ike's favorite dish is caviar toast
  • Ike has Kampanaphobia, a fear of bells
  • Ike's favorite vocaloid character is Hatsune Miku
  • Ike hit himself in the head with a paint can once
  • Ike's favorite Persona 5 character is Futuba
  • Futuba's voice actor visited Ike during his panel
  • Ike learned how to metal scream while making toast
  • TCB-san is the one who illustrated Ike's vtuber model
  • Ike Eveland's nicknames!

  • Eki Eveland (Ike's alter ego)
  • Internet Swedish Funny Man
  • Ikey Wikey
  • Smart Cookie
  • Man of Sex
  • Ichael
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