About Me!

Welcome to my site! My name is Ren, and I love coding! I think I have Adhd, and I cannot hold a online convo for the life of me, sorry! ;_; I made a neocities just to blog n for fun. Site credits go to Teppyslayouts (I edited a tiny bit)! Click the image below for extra stuff!

My own graphics!

To Do

Add graphics section
Add imood thingy
Update Ike's fanpage 
Make a button
Make more shrines
Bunny photos section

My Interests!

Along with coding, I'm also a huge vtuber fanatic, my kamioshi is Ike Eveland! I also love video games and music! My favorite genres are metal and midwestern emo music along with rock n emo music! As for video games, my favorites are Sally Face, oneshot, danganronpa despair time, super mario, tetris, angry birds, and roblox!